Meet Our Dashing Homecoming King, Greg Pitman '14

While the action-packed and festive events of Miami's Homecoming Weekend may have come and gone, Her Campus is still celebrating (let's be honest, we show our love and honor all year long!). One of the most notable happenings of Homecoming Weekend is the annual crowning of King and Queen and this year, the coveted King's crown went to Chi Psi cutie Greg Pitman. The adorable Cincinnati native took time out of his busy schedule under the spotlight to share with Her Campus his experience of being dubbed this year's King. Below you'll find a brief profile of his majesty, and underneath his spirited photo with Swoop we've got answers to all your burning questions about Miami's royalty. 

Year: Senior

Major: Management and Leadership

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Favorite professor: Emile Haag from Luxembourg

Favorite class: Management 405, Labor Unions and Conflict Management

Plans after graduating Miami: I'm looking to go into sales

HC: What clubs and other activities are you involved in?

GP: I have been involved with Toastmaster's, Chi Psi Fraternity, and I have been a Greek Life Guide. I studied abroad in Luxembourg last spring as well.

HC: So how does it feel to be Homecoming King?

GP: I feel so honored to be Homecoming King! I am very blessed to have so many good friends. Being Homecoming King has been such a fun experience and makes me proud to be a RedHawk!

HC: What is one thing most people don't know about you?

GP: One thing people do not know about me was that I was a manager for the Miami men's basketball team my freshman year under Coach Coles. I got to travel to some really cool places, especially over winter break when we played the Kansas Jayhawks at Allen Fieldhouse.

HC: What is your funniest memory at Miami?

GP: Witnessing past Student Body President and alumnus Nick Huber accidentally drop a pumpkin inside the Lodge (Chi Psi fraternity house) and smashing it. Two of my brothers, Nick Herweh and John Dresher, put a lot of time into designing it and then seeing their faces when it was smashed was hilarious! Kind of had to be there to understand.

HC: What would you say to high school seniors looking to join the Miami family?

GP: Realize that coming to this school is one of the best decisions you will make. Miami has so much to offer and is an amazing school. Every student should take advantage of getting involved early and if they do, they will not regret it.