A List of Local Haunted Attractions for Your Spooky Needs

Wondering what to do near middle-of-nowhere Oxford, Ohio during fall? You’re at the right place!


  1. Land of Illusion




Six different attractions in one place. Temple of Terror, Killer Klowns, Dr. Psycho’s Haunted Estate, Zombie Sniper Patrol, Middletown Haunted Trail, and Phobia: Face Your Fears. Land of Illusion also has a full bar as well as regular live concerts.


     2. The Dent Schoolhouse




One of Cincinnati’s oldest haunted houses that was built in 1894. The Dent Schoolhouse has been featured on Buzzfeed, HGTV, Travel Channel, E! and more. High tech devices have given this attraction a popular rep across the country for realistic details.


     3. USS Nightmare




This haunted attraction exists as a real-life steam-powered dredge boat located in Newport, Kentucky on the Ohio River. After a 30+ minute tour that includes scary tales pertaining to the ship’s deathly history, you will want to immediately hop off board.


     4. Kings Island Halloween Haunt




Haunted Mazes (backwoods bayou, blackout, field of screams, killmart, madame fatales cavern of terror, chaos, slaughterhouse, urgent scare, wolf pack), Scare Zones (dance of the macabre, coney maul, pumpkin eater, wasteland), Sinister Shows (blood drums, monster rock, haunted homecoming), and of course roller coaster rides. Kings Island Halloween Haunt has it all. PLUS they have student ID discount Friday’s.