Linkedin 101: Tips and Tricks for Networking Success

Setting up a LinkedIn can make you feel inferior to all people already on the site, but it is much easier than you think to build up your network and gain confidence on the site! Here are some tips to help you get your LinkedIn started.


  1. Get a headshot: have a friend take it, it doesn't have to be complicated! A plain wall and a simple top are all you need.

  2. Look at your resume, and fill in all of the information from your resume into your LinkedIn. This is your first impression to recruiters and employers so you will want to show all the amazing things you do right away! When explaining your experience, use bullet points, as it is easier and quicker to read. Make sure to highlight was the skills and traits you developed as a result of that experience.

  3. Connect with lots of people! Don’t feel uncomfortable connecting with someone, they likely want the connection as much as you do. Look through your Facebook friends list, add professors, anyone really!

  4. Have a meaningful headline and bio! Make sure the headline communicates what you believe is most important about you. Make sure your bio informs on your professional and career goals, but also leaves people wanting to learn more.

  5. Follow companies and professionals that inspire you!