Kris Jenner Moods for the Week

Finals week is just around the corner, which makes the weekdays drag and has us living for the weekend. Now, there's no doubt that Kris Jenner is always a complete mood, but we have felt more connected to her than ever. Especially after her appearance in the "thank you, next" music video. #QUEEN. Here is a Kris Jenner mood for every day of the week leading up to finals week:

Monday: When you finally look at the assignments you have due finals week that you have been cleverly avoiding

Image result for kris jenner glasses computer gif

Tuesday: Realizing you have to stop watching Netflix/YouTube all day and start studying and working on your papers 

Wednesday: Trying to force an entire semester worth of knowledge into your brain in a span of three days

Thursday: Going to the library and staring at your phone the entire time

Friday Morning: Calling your mom and complaining about how exhausted you are from essentially doing nothing

Friday Night: *Decides to forget that finals week starts in two days and goes out anyways*

Saturday: The last day you can officially go out without feeling completely terrible about all the work you are avoiding

Sunday Morning: Realizing you have 5 papers to finish and 5 exams to take this week, and you didn't actually prepare for anything last week

Sunday night: Writing an entire 10-page paper in one day and knowing that it is complete trash but still proud you finished it

And then coming to terms that all your exams are cumulative and you really haven't begun studying

While studying this upcoming week, just remember to not put too much pressure on yourself and keep Kris Jenner's wise words in your head at all times: