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Katie Knable: Chi Omega President

I recently had the pleasure of catching up the lovely Katie Knable, Chi Omega’s president. One of the highlights of the position for her is the opportunity it has given her to see her sisters grow and make a difference in the lives of others. She says, “From throwing a Disney World send-off party for a Make-A-Wish child through our philanthropy efforts, to spending time with our parents during Mom’s & Dad’s Weekends, XO is so much bigger than any one person.” Her Campus is inspired by her dedication to her sisters.
Below she shares her favorite Uptown eatery, the first CD she bought, and her first screen name, amongst other fun facts. She’s definitely someone to keep an eye out for, because you never know, she may just be the next Oprah!

HC: What do you love most about your sorority?

KK: Definitely the friendships and connections that I’ve made. From my best friends in the chapter who will be in my wedding one day (you know who you are), to flight attendants and women who stop me in the grocery store to say they’re a Chi Omega too, I have met some of the most amazing women through the organization. I never say I am IN Chi Omega, I say I AM a Chi Omega. It’s something that’s a part of you not just for your four years in college, but for a lifetime.

HC: What’s your favorite Uptown eatery?

KK: Sushi Nara for a girl’s night, Stella for date night, or Fiesta Charra if it’s just one of those days.

HC: What is the first CD you ever bought?

KK: Either Backstreet Boys, Now 2, or Weird Al. All the classics.

HC: First screen-name?

KK: sexyswimmer13. I wish I was kidding.

HC: Tell us about your dream career after graduation.

KK: I either want to be the next Oprah or the first person to ever “FORM THE CHI!” on the moon.

HC: Do you have Spring Break plans?

KK: Still working on it, but hopefully a huge all-inclusive resort with my entire senior pledge class and other Miamians too!

HC: What will you miss most about Miami?

KK: Everything! I’ll miss Chi Omega, the 3-day weekends, living in a house with 9 girls, the beautiful campus, and obviously my friends.

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