It's Millennial Mia: Recovering from the Flu

From recruitment to school, the aftermath of taking care of yourself is important while balancing out what you need to get done.  For me, I ended up getting the flu really bad after formal recruitment and not prioritizing my health because of deadlines and school requirements.  I’m not going to lie, it’s been hard balancing school while trying to regain a good healthy mojo.  Here are some of my go-to's for getting the best of both worlds coming from recent experience myself:

1. Make time to sleep:  

Sleep is the number one thing that gives me energy and keeps me sain. This will help in the long run because at the end of the day, you want to be your best self in any scenario no matter what you need to finish.

2. Hydrate:

Always carry a water bottle, buy one from the store, or go to your nearest water fountain.  Water helps replenish your body and it’s the first thing you should drink when you wake up.  I’m guilty for not doing it too much, but I’m moving forward to making it a good habit for myself.

3. Vitamin C:  

Fruit, orange juice, Emergen-C, and Vitamin Water are my main go-tos whenever I have the flu.  This really helps get your immune system back in shape as well as getting good vitamins in your eating habits.

4. Make time to go to the doctor:  

This is something that I strongly recommend after battling the flu for a week straight.  Take time to go even if it means emailing your professor because it’s better to take care of yourself than get everyone else sick.

5. Ask for an extension:  

I learned the hard way that I can’t always do everything because sometimes your body needs a break and your mind as well.  I ended up having to do this for one of my classes because my flu really got to me, but it ended up being the best decision because now I can take time to curate quality work to turn in rather than doing it last minute.

6. Create a schedule:  

This really has helped me get back in the groove of my routines and deadlines.  It’s been super helpful to remind yourself of a to-do list, post it notes (I have these on my laptop), and having a paperback and/or google calendar.

7. Go in for office hours:

I honestly love making the time to do this because it’s a way to learn how you can improve as a student, but it also lets your professor know that you’re willing to put in the time for something you care about.  It says a lot about your character as well as your work ethic overall. 

8.Balance healthy meals:  This is extremely important especially if it’s flu season because it can be a crazy schedule with classes and all, but you should make time to eat.  It will give you more energy and gives you time to relax before jumping back into work.