It's Millennial Mia: Early Morning Hacks

Mornings can make or break your routine.  I’m usually a morning person but there are moments where I want to sleep in and pretend my alarm doesn’t exist.  During school or work nights, I used to not focus on the little details such as my clothes for the next day or organizing my school bag. Instead, I would focus on the little details later and primarily on my work and sleep.  However, I wanted to make a change this year.

The old routine has worked for some time, but after taking a couple of entrepreneurship classes this year, it made me completely rethink my life in terms of my process and routines.  I realized that by not focusing on the small tasks, they can turn into bigger dilemmas in the near future.  Those small tasks are essential along with big tasks.  It’s just how you prioritize and balance it together. Here are some tips that I hope will help you all:

1. Setting out clothes to wear the night before:

This is a major game-changer for me because I love dressing up and looking stylish for my classes.  It makes it a lot easier in the morning so it’s one less thing to worry about or scramble last minute.

2.Breakfast plan:

Breakfast is……. repeat after me….THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY.  It gives you energy and nutrients for your body to replenish itself.  I always make it a mission to plan what I’ll eat in the morning if it’s a school night so I can always nourish my body for classes and meetings ahead.

3. Charge your laptop, phone, and AirPods the night before:

It’s such a simple task to do yet sometimes it can be overlooked if we’re in a rush to not be late to class or a meeting.  Do yourself a favor and do this the night before.  Your future self will thank you for it.

4. Plan out to-do lists:

I take the morning time after I’ve gotten ready and out of the house to plan out what I need to do in order to be successful.  This can be as simple as doing a workout or reading those chapters for one of your classes, but it makes such a difference when you want to be efficient.  I usually write out my to-do lists for the week through the notes section on apple because it’s easier to track, but do what makes you happy.  Write it in a notebook, planner, or sticky notes.  Do what is best for you.

5. Use a calendar.

 Whether it’s a paperback calendar or a google calendar, it helps to know and keep track of important dates and times.  I use both methods because I like something quick to keep tabs on, but I also like something that I can see in front of me and write down.  This way I can have two sources in case something happens to one or the other, I always have a backup.