It's Millennial Mia: Being in a Relationship During COVID-19

Being in a relationship comes with excitement and challenges.  However, the coronavirus is a toll that is unavoidable in our livelihoods and daily routines especially when it comes to wanting to spend time with your significant other.  For me, this virus has been hard on my personal life especially with not being able to spend time with the person I care about face-to-face. However, it’s not completely impossible to spend time with them under the current circumstances.  Some of the tips to spice up a virtual dating is….


Scheduling FaceTime Dates

 Thank god technology exists because having this makes it easier to catch up and hang out no matter where you are.  You can do FaceTime dinner dates, at-home workout sessions, or even sharing the screen to watch a movie together


Send Letters

Even old communication styles can be effective.  It’s thoughtful and caring for someone to send a letter.  However, if you don’t have access to getting the mailing supplies like stamps you can always send an email instead.  


Play Video Games Together

This is a fun way to pass the time and do something together.  Club Penguin has a feature where you can virtually meet up, online Scribble is a good online to play over FaceTime or IPhone iMessage has mobile games to play over text.


Create a Spotify Playlist

Music is a way to connect no matter where you are and maintaining a good vibration.  It’s being able to connect with the person on a different level and creating a fun outlet to do together. 


Do an Instagram Live Together

Whether you’ve done an Instagram live or not, it’s a great way to collaborate together, step outside your comfort zones and do cool activities like a Q&A.  


Play old fashioned games

Cards, Truth or Dare, trivia...the possibilities are endless! This is a good way to get in touch with your creative side while getting to know your significant other more.  These types of games are FaceTime friendly and are super fun try something new together.


One thing is for sure, If you deeply care about someone, it’s always possible to find a way to be in touch and stay connected.  Heck people have been doing this for centuries with or without technology. It’s just all about how you create the most out of this experience for everyone and of people back in the day can do it so can we?