Interview Do's and Don'ts



  • Research – Find out the company’s mission statement so that you can apply your experience/goals to theirs’. It shows that you have done your research and can fit in to their company environment.
  • Have a firm handshake – Having a firm handshake exerts professionalism and confidence. However, be sure not to squeeze too hard.
  • Ask questions – Asking questions show you’re interested and invested in gaining something from the internship. Don’t interview them, but get to know the company and their experience at the company.
  • Take notes – Write down the answers to your questions. When you decide on an internship, you will thank yourself that you took notes.
  • Write a thank you note – Thank the interviewer for their time out of their busy schedule. This will come in handy especially if a lot of people are applying for the position because it will help get your name out.


  • Arrive late – They have a busy schedule, so do not make them wait. It will decrease your professionalism and reputation before they even get to know you.
  • Answer with examples from your resume – They have seen your resume and know what you have done. Expand upon the experiences you have done and how you learned from them.
  • Talk in a monotone voice – It will show that you are not excited and not mature/professional. This is especially important if you are applying for a position that works with clients. Show that you are personable!
  • Act desperate – They may perceive you as unfit for the job or that you do not have as much experience as you say you do. It also shows that you are not confident. They want you to be passionate about the job.
  • Trash talk previous employers – If you talk negatively, it shows that you do not work well with others or appreciate teamwork.
  • Joke a lot – We get it, you're funny. However, joking the whole time makes you look like you are not serious!