I'm Single and I Still like Valentine's Day

February sucks. It’s still freezing cold, but the holiday season is long gone. The sky seems to perpetually be a dull grey color. There’s always old snow on the side of the road that has lost its light, fluffy, white-ness and is now a pile of ice and mud. We’re stuck in a limbo between winter and spring break. February is by far the worst month of the year.


But, even though all the suckiness that this month brings, there is one beacon that stands tall above the slush. Valentine’s Day. A day that people either look to for a break from the cold, harsh winter for a spot of warmth and compassion, or a day that people dread and count down the hours for it to be over.



Stereotypically, singles sit on the sidelines of all Valentine’s Day festivities complaining about couples showing off their “perfect” relationships on social media and crying into pints of ice cream. Often times, I find this stereotype to be at least somewhat true. Most of my single girlfriends scoffed and rolled their eyes at the mention of Valentine’s Day in the days leading up to it. Some promised to not check Instagram today. Some even resorted to wearing all black in mourning.


As a single lady this Valentine’s Day, I was feeling a little defeated at first. The thought of sulking about my failed relationships in protest did seem pretty appealing. I could lay in bed and gorge myself into a coma to forget about what today could’ve been. But, after some contemplation, I decided to celebrate today even if I’m single. Instead of making this day about a romantic relationship – or lack thereof – I’d make today about all of my other loving relationships. My friends. My family. My pets. Myself.  I’d Spend today celebrating love in all of its forms!



I went to bed last night deciding to celebrate love today. I woke up and put on a red sweater in celebration. I wished all my friends and family a happy Valentine’s Day and told them that I loved them. I told looked in the mirror and said “I love you” to my reflection. I decided to make today about love and not about not being in a relationship and today has been the best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had – even though no one bought me chocolate or posted a sappy Instagram!