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I’ve always considered myself a “creative” person. I was involved in the arts in high school and they were always a huge part of who I am. So when I came to college I decided to add an arts management minor. Through this minor I’m taking an arts entrepreneurship class. Being a creative person, I never considered that I would have trouble coming up with new and innovative ideas; but I was wrong. I found myself struggling due to a busy schedule, stress, and just a million other things on my mind. My professor decided that everyone in the class has to keep an idea journal where we write down anything and everything that we think would be a good entrepreneurial endeavor. This journal has helped me not only consider arts related projects, but projects related to my other majors and interests as well.

I carry the journal with me everyday, and whenever I’m struck with an idea I write it down. By writing it down, it’s then in the back of my mind and I find myself thinking about it more often. This also helps me to expand upon the idea and evolve it into something more complex. The pages of my journal are now filled with ideas, some of which I may end up putting into action. I think that having this kind of journal could benefit anyone trying to come up with new ideas. My main piece of advice is don’t think that anything is stupid or not feasible. You’d be surprised by how easily you can start something and turn it into something bigger over time.

Write down everything you think of, revisit it a few days later and ask yourself how you can make it better. It can be anything from topics for a paper to a business to a project. The point of the journal is to help you explore your ideas. Doing this has helped me in all my classes and in life in general. I think about things from multiple points of view, I analyze things more closely to figure out which option would be best, and I don’t always just go with the obvious choice. Having this journal has been super helpful for me, and I think it’s something everyone could benefit from in some way!


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