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How to Take the Perfect Selfie

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Miami (OH) chapter.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and selfies are no exception! Plus, these days it’s almost necessary to have your face on social media, making it even more important to take the best selfie possible. Luckily, we at Her Campus have collected some tips on how to perfect the art of the selfie all while stepping up your blogging game!

Choose a Good Angle

Tilting your head at an angle helps highlight your cheekbones and make your eyes look bigger, but the best angle is one that shows off your “good side.” Play with different angles until you find the best one.

Also, find an angle that highlights what you want to show off. If you’re wearing a cute top, hold the camera a little above your head. If you want to show off your new glasses, take a close-up.

Find Good Lighting

Good lighting can make your skin look gorgeous and your hair look super-shiny. The best lighting is natural, so if possible, take your selfie next to a window or outside. (Avoid getting the sun in your eyes, though.) If you can’t find decent natural or artificial light, highlighter can help produce a faux-glow. Avoid using flash if at all possible. Use your phone’s back camera, since it takes higher resolution pictures than the front camera.

Find a Signature Pose

This is another thing you’ll have to discover through trial and error. Find a pose that makes you feel invincible and shows off your best features, and run with it. Avoid passé poses like the infamous duckface.

Find an App That Can Smooth Out the Rough Edges

Photo Wonder, for example, can help edit out blemishes, whiten teeth, and even add cute stickers and doodles. This is a great way to share your personality with your followers.

Play Up Your Favorite Feature

For instance, if you like your eyes the best, slap on some mascara and eyeshadow or eyeliner. If your smile is your favorite feature, put on some bright lipstick. Keep all other makeup neutral and minimal to highlight the feature you want.

Pick a Good Expression

Smiling is always a good bet! From a flirty half-smile to a wide grin, you can’t go wrong! Silly faces are fun, too. To get an authentic expression, capture yourself in the midst of an emotion, such as taking a picture of you smiling while you’re watching your favorite movie.

Find a Good Background

Don’t forget to be mindful of your selfie background. If you’re taking a selfie in your bathroom for example, you don’t want a toilet in the background ruining your otherwise perfect picture! Choose a backdrop that accentuates your face without being too distracting. 

Decide On One Filter

Filters don’t always have to mean the picture by itself isn’t worth sharing with your followers. In fact, most bloggers use a filter to create a cohesive feed on Instagram, Snapchat, or even Tumblr. Also, if you’re using apps such as ,Camera Plus, you don’t have to worry about the filter overpowering your image because they have a feature that allows you to adjust the percentage of the filter being used. Sometimes you need just 30% “Valencia” to take your selfie to the next level!


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Shelby Hyde

Miami (OH)

Shelby Hyde is a senior journalism and professional writing double major with hopes of working in the wide world of publishing upon graduating in May of 2016. This Miami University (OH) Campus Correspondent/Editor-in-Chief is a fashion fanatic with a knack for words and bringing them to life. Shelby has had a wide variety of experiences throughout her four years at Miami, including working as Creative Services and Special Sections intern for Cincinnati Magazine, as well as a three-time returning style guru intern for well known fashion site, CollegeFashionista.com.The 22 year-old is Hoosier born and bred with a New Yorker status pending, and she's looking for something BIG! All inquiries can be forwarded to: shelbyyhyde@hercampus.com