How to Start Your Semester on the Right Foot

It’s that time of year again; 18 credit hours, Greek life, clubs and activities, a social life and of course the promising weekly visit to Brick Street. This semester is in full swing, and ready to take your schedule by storm. So how can you stay on top of it all? HC has all the best tips and tricks to keeping your busy lifestyle organized this semester.



Invest in a good planner

Planners are the perfect way to keep your life on track and an excuse to spend hours online shopping for the perfect planner that fits your everyday needs. Writing every detail down, from squeezing in a trip to the grocery store to reminding yourself of an upcoming exam, it serves as a constant reminder to ensure you’ll never be caught off guard. If paper copy isn’t for you, then simply creating a calendar on your computer is just as efficient. Once you find a system of writing things down, stay consistent and we promise you’ll be better equipped to stay on top of things.


Make relationships with your Professors and Mentors

Whether it’s your Econ professor or the leader of your organization, making a personal, trusted relationship with that individual will go a long way. Visiting office hours is a great way for your professor to get to know you outside of the classroom. Lets face it, we all have slept through our 8am’s (or have come close) and taking that extra step with your professor can help give you a little mercy in your time of need. The same goes for organizations and clubs. There could be weeks when you are swamped and can’t give 100% in your tasks that week and need a little help with the intense workload. Relationships are key in college. It’s all about whom you know, so make sure you are starting off on the right foot with all your classes and extra curricular activities.


Prioritize your life

As much as we want to procrastinate homework for as long as possible, prioritizing your life will help you stay well organized this semester. Every Sunday as you dreadfully look at the busy week ahead, you can start to make a mental note of the things that need to get done ASAP and the ones that can wait a little longer. This will help make sure you get the most important things done first, while still leaving time for everything else. And no, cleaning your room instead of working on a paper does not count as prioritizing your life (I think we’re all guilty as charged for that one).


Stay healthy and happy

This one might seem like a given but your health and happiness is probably one of the most important things in college. This semester can throw lots of curve balls for you, kick you while you’re down and bring you to your breaking point. But eating healthy, exercising, allowing yourself to have some personal time and still doing the things you love will ensure that you come out on top this semester. We know it can be tough, but don’t forget; we’re all in this together.