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How to Sneak in Exercise Throughout the Day

As a college student your schedule consists of class lectures, study group sessions, sorority events, club activities, parties, work, and friends. You’ve got a hectic schedule and regular exercise often takes a backseat to more important tasks. Here are a couple of ways you can incorporate exercise into your daily routine:

1.  Take the long way

If time and weather permits, try to walk around as much of campus as possible and avoid shortcuts. Walk to class instead of driving or take the stairs instead of using the elevators.

2. Take study breaks

Aerobic exercise has been proven to boost the size of your hippocampus in your brain, an area responsible for verbal learning and memory. Next time you’re at King, get up and take a lap around the main floor or venture downstairs to the café. The walk will give your brain a quick break and may even help you ace your next midterm!

3. Do exercises while binge-watching Netflix

We’ve all seen those drinking games on Pinterest, where you take a sip every time Joey says, “How you doin’?” on friends. Instead of drinking, make it an exercise routine and do ten push-ups or 25 jumping jacks. There are tons of guides on Pinterest that you can follow and it’s easy to do in the comfort of your dorm room!

While these are some easy ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine, don’t substitute it for a workout at the Rec. Part of your tuition is dedicated to maintaining and expanding our Rec Centers – since you’re paying for it, you might as well use it! Between cardio machines, strength training equipment, a rock climbing wall, a 4-lane suspended track, full sized basketball courts, and multiple studios for group fitness, the Rec offers something for everyone. Just because you’re a college student doesn’t mean you have to fall victim to the Freshman 15! So get moving, girls!

Caitlin Barry Senior Campus Correspondent for Miami (OH) Chapter of Her Campus
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