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How To Maintain Relationships/Friendships Over Break

Winter Break is long, and because we go to Miami University it was even longer and it is normal to get sad that you haven’t seen your best friends and maybe your boyfriend for the past six weeks. Don’t worry; this is now a thing of the past! Her Campus now has ways to maintain your relationships/friendships over an exceptionally long break. Foolproof ways to ensure that you and your friends will pick up right were you left off.

Skype/Facetime – the best way to not only communicate with your friends and/or significant other because not only can you hear them but see them. It’s like you both are standing right next to each other like old times. 

 Road Trip – whether its them coming to see you or you seeing them, if weather and distance permits, you can visit one another for however long and experience each others neighborhood and get a chance to catch up during the long break. Plan it out now, that way by the time winter break comes you can tell your family and job you need Saturday and Sunday off for your friends. 

Check up on each other – whether that means texting each other as often as possible. Texting is the easiest and best way to stay in touch with each other while still being able to enjoy family and friends that are with you.

 Snap chat – send them snap chats and snap videos of what you are doing or something that may remind you of them, that way you can see them and keep up with one another in a fun way

Netflix – I know that may sound weird at first but start a new show together and watch the same amount of episodes each day or week that way you have so much to talk about, like who’s going dying in the next episode of Greys, Why Lucas can’t choose a girl on One Tree Hill, or were Rachel and Ross really on a break on Friends.

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