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How To Maintain A Healthy Relationship With Yourself

Hey you. Yeah, you girl.  How you doin’? **insert Joey from Friends voice**  Being in 
college is definitely fun but wow, it can be stressful, too.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the 
proximity of finals or just life in general I guarantee you are not alone.  But don’t fret; there are 
some easy ways to keep yourself in line and on track.
First off, give yourself some credit.  My goodness, you are doing your own laundry, 
feeding yourself, writing papers, making tons of new friends, and hopefully getting some sleep.  
For the first time in your life you are completely self reliant and it takes a bit of time to become 
accustomed to that.  But you’re doing it; everyday you wake up and accomplish something even 
if it’s just walking and breathing.
Second, take a deep breath.  Sometimes all the stress that comes with life just gets to you.  
Give yourself 10-15 minutes to re-energize.  Whether it’s turning on some Netflix, getting up 
and stretching, or eating a little snack, take some time to clear your head and regroup.  When you 
come back to what you were doing, you’ll have new ideas or realize what you were doing wrong 
Lastly, don’t be afraid to be proud of yourself.  If you studied super hard for a test and 
then you aced it, get excited, tell your friends, do a little happy dance.  You put together the 
perfect outfit and mastered the art of the smokey eye? Check yourself out in all the mirrors and 
strut your stuff walking around campus.  Even just smiling to yourself can make you feel more 
positive and in a better mood.  Never feel bad about having confidence in yourself and letting 
your light shine.
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