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How To Keep Him Wanting More: Advice From Your Male Colleagues

For the current college goer, the first step to any relationship starts with the exchanging of numbers, then comes the first awkward text. What happens next depends upon the level of interest said guy and girl have in each other.

If you end up really liking a guy, but you don’t want to seem “too” interested, texting can be a nightmare. You’re constantly thinking of what you should say next, planning each text perfectly, and hoping that the conversation will flow.

To make this process easier for the female population, I set out to ask a few guys on campus what could be done to maintain the interest without losing the “realness” when texting a new guy.

HC: What signs indicate that a girl might be interested in you as more than just friends?

Matt (Junior): I would say the main indication is that she will tell you to do something. If a girl goes out of her way to invite a boy to go Uptown, a party at her house, or a date party, that is how I know if a girl is more interested. When a girl takes initiative, that goes a long way in terms of kick-starting a relationship.

Austin (Senior): A girl that shows she has a good sense of humor is a girl that most guys will go for.  If she can hold conversations bigger than small talk or, “So what are your pledges like?” That will keep me interested.

HC: What should a girl avoid doing when starting a relationship/friendship with a guy?

Tim (Junior): Avoid being overbearing and trying to inject yourself into the guy’s life rapidly. Take some time to ease into it. Change is hard.

Nate (Senior): In a college drunken hookup culture, I think some girls might make the mistake of getting too attached to someone too quickly just because they hooked up. If anything serious is going to come of it, it should take both parties some time to get to know each other away from the bar scene, and to know that they are genuinely interested in being together.

HC: What is something that makes you lose interest in her?

Austin (Senior): A girl acting disinterested is an obvious one. Besides that, I lose interest in a girl if she can’t hold a conversation without one of her friends at her side. This shows she may lack confidence, or maybe she just plain doesn’t want to talk to me.

Matt (Junior): I won’t lie and say looks aren’t a part of the consideration when pursuing a girl; they are. But if a girl is down to earth, doesn’t have herself on a pedestal, and shows interest in me via conversation, there is a good chance I’ll initiate more of a conversation to try and get to know her. 

HC: And lastly, what keeps you interested enough in a girl that you would talk to her on a regular basis?

Nate (Senior): Being attracted to each other and getting along socially gets you through the door, but the stuff that keeps a guy interested is even simpler than that. Being an honest, genuine, and caring person should do the trick just fine.

Tim (Junior): Enjoy spending time with them and if they fit into your life. College relationships don’t always lead to marriage, so I am interested in someone who fits my life at this given moment as opposed to someone who I think would work 10 years from now.

Matt (Junior): What keeps me interested in pursuing a girl is if she can hold a conversation. Nothing is worse then a girl who only talks about her shoes or how many drinks she’s had in one night. If you can’t have a meaningful conversation with the girl you potentially want to date, then there really is no point in dating her. 

There you have it ladies! Next time you go to text that “Mr. Wonderful” that you met Uptown, remember that he wants you to be yourself and to be confident. Don’t try to fake a conversation to gain interest. Instead, keep things light and fun!

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