How to Get Rid of That Exam Exhaustion

After a week or two of about four hours of sleep and about four caffeinated drinks each day, you probably need to relax and get back on track. Here are a few simple tips to restore mental and physical health after finals.


Hopefully once you get home, you can sleep in before the holiday craze. However, if your dog wakes you up barking early Saturday morning, you cannot even complain because you were probably most excited to come home to see that fluff ball anyway.

2. Eat a home-cooked meal

Between dining halls and fast food at college, your taste buds could probably use a change of scenery. As much as college students love Chipotle, my bank account could use some rest about as much as my brain.

3. Spend time with family and hometown friends

Being surrounded by some of your most familiar faces is enough to put a smile on your face. Plus, you have plenty to catch up on and laugh about.

4. Do something seasonal

Whether you like to bake and decorate cookies, snowboard, go sledding, or just drink some hot cocoa, these are all fun activities that you have time to enjoy now. Also do people actually have snowball fights??

5. Take a trip

Sometimes a break from school might also mean a break from home. Whether you jet off to another country or just take a day trip to another city, this can do some serious R&R.

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