How to Get the '7 Rings' Look

It's been a couple weeks since Ariana Grande released her number 1 single "7 Rings," along with the music video, and since then I haven't stopped thinking about it. Especially the amazing pink aesthetic of the music video. The empowering lyrics and boss mindset that I get when I listen to the song makes me want to be dressed from head to toe in pink, oversized jackets, and lots of diamonds!! (Fake, of course; we're still on a college budget here.) So in case, you plan on throwing an Ariana Grande themed party like me, or you just want to feel girly and baller at the same time, here's some "7 Rings" style inspo:

1. Tops:

Black Lace Tank

Pink Satin Crop Top

Light Pink Tank

"As If" Tank (This one is actually used in the music vid!)

2. Bottoms:

Cargo Joggers


Pink Mini Skirt

Metallic Joggers


3. Jackets:

Metallic Cropped Zip

Pink Puffer Jacket


4. An of course jewelry:

Diamond Choker


Fluffy Drop Earrings


Pink Gem Drop Earrings


Rings (Duhhhhh)