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Regardless of whether you doodle or not, you may be just as surprised as I was to uncover some initial benefits of doodling. By the end of this brief overview, you might be running to the nearest notebook & pencil. Let’s get started!



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Whether you are in class taking notes or unwinding at the end of the day or just grabbing your coffee, doodling has benefits that you can learn more about on your own. In my experience, it has been such a fun way to take a history class. Rather than scrawl out everything on the powerpoint in my notebook, I prefer to doodle the Egyptian pyramids and the Tigris & Euphrates Rivers.


Granted, this will work better for some classes than others. But in lectures such as history, doodling what we talk about in class keeps me focused at 8 a.m.


Full disclosure, I avoid having my laptop out in class, but at other parts of the day it is likely I am engaging in one of several creative outlets. I used my MacBook Air’s pre-programmed “Pages” to create all my technological doodles below.



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