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How To Be Productive Over Spring Break


As spring break quickly approaches, and with Miami University giving us a nice week long break, it can be easy to get bored, especially as friends leave to a variety of destinations you can feel stuck on what to do, so why not plan out your spring break now with a few ideas from Her Campus.


Working over spring break is definitely something to keep you busy during the day and make money so when you come back from break, you will have a little bit of extra money for food, fun, necessities, and uptown of course! Because spring break is not as long as say winter break, or summer break, this option is only feasible if you have a job that allows you to return every time that you are back in your hometown. This gives you time to get in good with your boss who’s cutting you this favor as well as make use of an employee discount!


Another spring break alternative is to take a class! No, we aren’t talking about a college course, but instead, a fun class that you haven’t had the time for in the past. There’s always the opportunity to tap into your creative side, as well as partake in a few alcholic beverages (if you’re 21) at Wine & Canvas. But even if you’re not of drinking age, it’s still fun to go and try something you haven’t necessarily done before while tasting a variety of cheese plates (yum!). If painting isn’t really your scene, take a cooking class, or a dancing class. This will allow you to do something cultivating that’s outside of your average curriculum and not to mention really fun!


You could also fufill all of your previous promises to visit family and friends. With a lot of friends going back home for break or staying at school, it is the perfect time to visit your bestie at another school! Grab some friends and go visit people at Ohio State, Ohio University, Cincinnati, etc, or maybe travel a little bit further to visit your family. It might seem as if you haven’t had time in the past, so utilize this short break to make time for the ones you love


And of course, you could apply for internships or travel on a mission trip! Knowing that these things take time to do and with a little help from family and friends who are home and can help you with your applications. Who knows what your awesome future holds? When going on a mission trip you’re often traveling to someplace you have never been before and learning about an issue that you might have known about otherwise. Take the time to separate yourself from your everyday life/problems and help a small community in need. What’s more productive than helping yourself and helping others.


No, the aforementioned activities aren’t necessarily Cancun, or Panama City but just think, by the time you come back to school you’ll feel refreshed and revitalized knowing that you made the most of your time off from school. 



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Shelby Hyde is a senior journalism and professional writing double major with hopes of working in the wide world of publishing upon graduating in May of 2016. This Miami University (OH) Campus Correspondent/Editor-in-Chief is a fashion fanatic with a knack for words and bringing them to life. Shelby has had a wide variety of experiences throughout her four years at Miami, including working as Creative Services and Special Sections intern for Cincinnati Magazine, as well as a three-time returning style guru intern for well known fashion site, CollegeFashionista.com.The 22 year-old is Hoosier born and bred with a New Yorker status pending, and she's looking for something BIG! All inquiries can be forwarded to: shelbyyhyde@hercampus.com
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