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Hook Up Culture In College

Picture this, you are out with your girls, dancing on the dance floor and having a great 
time and the guy you have been eyeing all night finally comes over to dance with you. 
Your girls are giving you the thumbs up, it is now up to you to figure out if you are going 
to just exchange numbers and leave it like that or maybe see him after the bars close. In 
college, hookups are a huge part of the culture and most college girls; it’s now time to 
think about the pros and cons before proceeding with the him. Is he your friend’s ex, is he 
a senior, and is he your ex? He’s been with everyone; he has hooked up with a girl you 
know very well, etc. All of these can lead to further help with you figuring out if you 
should or not hook up with him!
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Amira Hardy

Miami (OH)

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