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HC Miami’s Clinique Review: Exfoliating Scrub Super-Exfoliante

I have had skin problems for many years now and used to have really bad acne. Finding a face wash that worked for me was hard, and I still hadn’t found one until I tried out Clinique’s Exfoliating Scrub Super-Exfoliante.

First Impression

I was generally surprised at how much product appeared to be in the compact bottle–it fills the bottle completely. When I read the directions, I was excited to read that this could be used along with Clinique 3-Step Skincare (I use the Acne 3-Step Skincare).


I used this product for the first time before bed and was surprised at how little of an amount you need to completely cover the face. There is a tingley feeling that lets me know it’s working and feels amazing! Althought it says that the product is 100% fragrance free, it has an interesting, mint-like, smell to it. This product is made for people with oily skin, and therefore doesn’t leave me with that oily feeling that other similar products have given me in the past.

Would I recommend this product to others?

Definitely! I love how clean it makes my face feel, and not mention how silky smooth it makes my face afterwards. If you’re looking for a new exfoliating scrub, check this one out. Plus, it only costs $19.50 and can be purchased with MULAA at Clinique counter at the bookstore in Shriver. Seriously such a great price for the amount of product you get! Read more about this fabulous scrub on the Clinique website here.     

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Jordan Long

Miami (OH)

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