Give Yourself that Lazy Day

As university students, we all have dozens of responsibilities from our schoolwork, friends, family and organizations every single day. On top of that, most of us are still learning how to "adult," mostly by trial and error. It's too easy to get caught up in all the to-do lists and deadlines and just withdraw from ourselves. That promised me-time gets pushed further and further back to make room for all of the assignments and basic tasks.


Recently, I've been on a trend of spending weekends in to watch an old show that I discovered recently (“The Mentalist”) and it has been fantastic for my mental and emotional health. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the rush of every day, plan to spend a day or even just an evening to yourself in your room, in your bed, in your pajamas. Obviously, this is only a temporary fix for the pressure of daily life, but it will last until Thanksgiving break when many students are able to truly relax.


Mental health is one of the building blocks of physical health. Without control of our minds, people begin a downward spiral. With the season of SAD (depression that tends to reoccur in a seasonal timeline, during winter for most people) approaching quickly, it's important to start or continue giving yourself all the love and encouragement as we approach the waves of anxiety that come with semester finals.