Garnier Helps Miami Women Shine

As students who attend a university in the Midwest, it's hard to feel beautiful during the blistery winter months as we walk around campus with three layers of clothing on and a nose redder than Rudolph's. While it's easy to thaw out our faces and fingers once we're inside a warm academic building, every Miami woman knows it's nearly impossible to get those nasty knots out of our hair once Oxford's icy winds take control. With spring still a few months away, is there any way for a woman to shine through the bleak days of winter?

Luckily, Garnier Fructis has the answer!

Garnier believes every woman possesses her own natural beauty, and is committed to help this beauty shine with its fabulous hair products. Beauty isn't about changing the way you look to please the people around you; instead, Garnier believes beauty means feeling happy in your own skin and being at ease with yourself and others.

Garnier's most important message to today's women is taking care. Taking care of your body. Taking care of your hair. Taking care of your self.

To do this, Garnier has added a Volume Extending Shampoo and Conditioner to its already impressive line of products. This ultra-light cleansing hair care formula has natural fruit fibers and papaya and cucumber extracts that both strengthens and thickens hair, while also providing a day's worth of fullness and body. Kiss your fears of those tough wintry winds flattening your hair goodbye, as Garnier's Volume Extending Shampoo and Conditioner will instantly extend the volume of your hair for all-day fullness.

To wish the chapters of Her Campus a very Merry Christmas, and to help university women across the nation and in the UK shine, Garnier has sent HC Miami 200 samples of its Volume Extending Shampoo and Conditioner! While our team has left Miami to celebrate the Holidays with friends and family, we will return from winter break feeling refreshed and ready to tackle what's left of winter with Garnier's wonderful hair care samples!

Don't believe Garnier can really help bring out a woman's natural beauty? Check out these true stories from Garnier users, and learn more about Garnier's committment to shine here!

Still not convinced? Garnier is also committed to the environment, using natural ingredients, eco-designed packaging, and creating partnerships with both TerraCycle and EarthShare. How can you say no to an organization that not only takes care of women's beauty, but takes care of the environment, too?

On behalf of the HC Miami team, thank you Garnier Fructis, and Happy Holidays!