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Five Holiday Gifts You Never Want

Everyone has had that moment once (or maybe several times) in life, where you open a present and it’s something you would never ever want and will never use. Now, while this is perfect for White Elephant gifts, it’s not always the greatest idea if it’s an actual present. Here are a few examples of holiday gifts that nobody ever wants to find underneath the Christmas tree.

A Christmas Sweater

While this gift might be acceptable if Mrs. Weasley knits it, but even Ron wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a Christmas sweater out in public. These sweaters are often hard on the eyes (to put it politely), so it’s best to suggest a different gift if you have an aunt or uncle who thinks Christmas sweaters are the perfect present. After all, there’s a reason we have an “ugly sweater” party theme.

Plain White Socks

This one’s pretty obvious. A pair of white socks is without a doubt one of the most boring gifts you could receive during the holidays, and unless you are an Academy Award winning actress, there’s no way you can fake genuine excitement and gratitude about this gift. If you know someone who is planning on giving socks as a gift, at least have them buy socks that have fun designs and colors!

Bed Sheets

An odd one, but true. Let’s face it, the only time we go to the store to buy new bedsheets is if our current ones are old, or suddenly have a different size bed. Any gift would be better than bed sheets…

Sauerkraut and Blood Sausage

…Except these. You might be thinking there’s no way someone would give these as gifts. Sadly, you are mistaken. Both of these very strange food items were suggested as presents, and the second one was an actual gift to someone! The only food item acceptable to give and receive during the holidays is candy. That’s why the holiday aisle of Kroger is full of candy canes!


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