First Lady, Renate Crawford

By Kay Connelly

Questions with Dr. Renate J. Crawford: University Ambassador, Adjunct Professor of Physics, and Killer First Lady!!!

HC: What is a typical day like for you?

Dr. Renate: People often ask me to describe a typical day and my answer always is “I haven’t had one yet.” Everyday is different, which makes my position so unique and rewarding. One thing does tend to be consistent about my day. I always (try to) work-out first thing in the morning.

The busier I have become in life, the more the need for physical exercise has become important to me. I joke that when I became chair of the physics department (many years ago at a previous institution), I started running half-marathons, when I became associate dean of engineering, I moved to marathons, and when I joined Miami as University Ambassador I completed my first Tough Mudder, as part of a Miami Team. The latter certainly was a new definition of team building activities. Running clearly is my“go-to” in terms of exercise. It gives me time to myself, time to reflect, it’s my “second cup of coffee” (because let’s face it, I do really start my day with a strong cup of coffee). I also enjoy kick-boxing, body-tone and Tabata at the Rec, strength training and appreciate the importance of yoga. Research shows that physical exercise is not just great for physical health but also for mental and academic health.

HC: Do you have any favorite quotes?

Dr. Renate Crawford: I actually have two favorite quotes but they are very much related and give me motivation. (1) Obstacles

are what you see, when you take your eyes off your goal; and (2) Whether you believe you can, or you can’t, you are right.