Finding My Perfect Debutante Dress

On February 8th, 2019 I will be participating, as a debutante, in the Dallas Symphony Orchestra (DSOL for short) presentation ball. As a debutante, this is considered your introduction to society. Yes, I know it sounds straight out of gossip girl but it takes mass preparation startings months in advance. Portraits, bow camp, meeting the guards, choosing your escort, ball practices, etc. are all steps in said preparation. However, the most challenging, time-consuming aspect of all this is finding your perfect gown.


For gowns being worn in the DSOL presentation ball, there are regulations and requirements.  Some of these standards being…

  • Not scandalous or low cut 

  • White, not off white

  • Ball gown style with a full skirt


What is so fun about getting to shop and purchase a DSOL debutante dress is that it is one of the few debutante balls where you will be buying and wearing a wedding dress. Of course, it will be fitting to the previously stated regulations but it is, nonetheless, a wedding dress. 


As a debutante, I was given a great deal of assistance from the DSOL organization in finding my perfect gown. They set up bridal showcases for you and your family as well as the other debutantes to attend. The showings were especially fun social events with drinks, adorable, finger foods, photo opportunities, as well as an excuse to dress your best. 


Stanley Korshak was my favorite bridal showing I got the chance to attend and also the first. I got to try on designer dresses, most of them were obviously out of my price range, but still a dream experience. The dresses I found here fit the bill for everything I wanted except for their price. I fell in love with the bold gowns at Stanley Korshak because I wanted my dress to stand out, not blend in with the crowd. Although I didn’t walk away with one of their gowns, this bridal boutique did show me what I was looking for. 


Dresses From Stanley Korshak

My DSOL debutante friend and I all dressed up, having a fab time snacking, socializing, and checking out the Stanley Korshak gowns.


A Neiman Marcus, in downtown Dallas, also hosted a bridal showing for the DSOL debutantes. In this bridal showing, they served drinks and adorable finger foods while we socialized, before taking a seat. Models, wearing a stunning selection of dresses, then walked down between the two seating sections. One specific dress grabbed my unwavering attention at this event, a to die for Vera Wang tulle ball gown. I was so enchanted I didn’t even try on another dress. However, we weren’t meant to be and the price split us apart. Though, after trying on this Vera Wang dress, I would not settle for a dress without a full tulle bottom. 


Neiman Marcus Bridal Showing

This ball gown would be ordered in white instead of this light pink if worn in DSOL.


The tulle Vera Wang ball gown

Absolutely love dressing up, as I did here, for these formal gown showing socials with tiny treats and the cutest drinks. 


After attending both the Stanley Korshak and the Neiman Marcus bridal showings, I still hadn’t found the gown. None of the ones I could afford had that one-of-a-kind, stylish look I sought out. So, I went to Mockingbird Bridal, a well known, smaller bridal boutique. I didn’t have high hopes walking into Mockingbird Bridal, luckily I was pleasantly surprised to find divine, quality dresses filling the store. This is where I found my perfect debutante dress. 

Pictured above is my DSOL debutante dress. Of course, I have to get the deep-v closed up to fit regulations, but this dress is everything I was looking for. With a full, layered, tulle bottom, detailed top, and lace accents, this dress gave me the distinctive look I wanted. 


All that's left now is to take my new gown to fittings and alterations. Then, she will be DSOL Presentation Ball ready.