Field Hockey According to Burk Darrow

Did you know Miami has a variety of club sports? Meet Burk Darrow, President of the Club Field Hockey team here at Miami. She is a junior Kinesiology major from Charlotte, NC. When she is not listening to Bruno Mars, she is playing, leading, and having fun with her field hockey teammates. Her passion for field hockey started in the 6th grade when she played for the first time.

You may be wondering… what is field hockey? Burk describes it as “Ice hockey, but on a field. Also, you can’t hit the back of your stick or feet.” With 20 girls on the team, Darrow hopes to take their team to Nationals. Throughout the season, they host tournaments here at Miami or go out of town to other schools. Burk says her favorite game away was in Chicago, IL. The best part about being part of a club sport is that they have fun on the field and off the field.

Want to go to their next game? Go to the astro-turf by Yager Stadium on November 4th and 5th when they have a home tournament.  

Want to learn more about Club Sports at Miami? Check out Club Field Hockey’s Facebook page or click here to learn more about the other club teams.