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Fall Trend: Winter White

One of the top fall trends for this year is winter white. So yes ladies, you can wear white after Labor Day! Although the weather is colder and we naturally tend to pull out our browns, reds, and blacks to stay cozy, be bold and bring out your white instead! 
Whether it’s a small white accessory here and there, or more of a central white themed outfit, do not shy away from light colors in the cold weather! For the runway, everyone loves complete white. Models are seen fully decked out in crisp white from head to toe and are complimented on their confident apparel. In Glamour Fashion, they note that the winter white look was a must have on their “Do’s and Don’ts” list for fall of 2013. 
But for us collegiettes, maybe we don’t have to go quite so extreme.
We can look cute in white, but don’t have to be over the top. These winter white looks are easy to create for a low price and are able to create a bold statement. While white may be frowned upon for going out on weekends, it’s perfect for going to class! Grab a cute white dress, with black nylons and accessorize with a few colorful bracelets, a purse, necklace, or whatever you can find to not make it too over the top for our street-style look. Maybe put on your favorite skinny jeans with riding boots and add a cute white knitted sweater and possibly a white floppy knit hat to complete your afternoon style!
The look may be bold at first, but this may just get that cute guy’s attention in your chemistry class!
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