Fall Shows You Need to Watch Now

With the weather getting cooler and the sweaters coming out, you’re probably looking for some shows to give you a nice fall vibe.

There’s no season like fall season. It’s arguably the best season. While you’re not preparing for midterms (which you should study and spend a lot of time on!!), consider watching these shows in your favorite jogger pants and comfiest sweater.


Washington D.C.’s scenery is beautiful and has strong fall vibes. Not to mention, if it’s too cold out, the relationship between Olivia Pope and Fitzgerald Grant will heat things up. Also, Olivia’s super chic coats will give you inspiration for your next big jacket purchase. Here are just a couple of my favorite jackets.

Gilmore Girl’s

Stars Hollow is the definition of fall. The leaves falling from the trees and the coffee from Luke’s diner will definitely get you in the fall season. You’ll be envious of the characters’ sweaters and clothes.

This Is Us

You are going to want to sit down and watch the show in one sitting. However, you will wish you were with your family. Get the tissues ready!

Parks and Recreation

To avoid missing your family too much, laugh your tears away with Leslie Knope. Almost all the episodes have beautiful weather, so it may even get you outside. Also, they’re only 20 minutes long so they’re easy to squeeze in between study breaks.

Friday Night Lights

Football season is around the bend. Relive your high school days and get ready for some drama. But, also get ready to see romance go down and the community to rally together to watch the football team succeed.