Easiest Curly-Hair Routine Ever

Having curly hair is a blessing and a curse. Sure, you have volume, body and curls can be super pretty, but they can also be a real bitch. They have a mind of their own and if you even look at your hair wrong, they’ll do something wonky.

Thankfully for you, I’m a naturally curly girl and have perfected my hair-care routine. Even better, it’s quick and easy!

My routine starts in the shower. DO NOT wash your hair every day. It dries out your hair, and curly hair thrives on moisture. Shampoo it only two or three times a week. It really all depends on your hair type, so try out washing it less to find the perfect number for you!

I workout every morning and because I sweat like a pig, I have to at least get it wet every day. On the days where I’m not shampooing my hair, I still rinse out the nastiness. When I do this, I always use conditioner. I saw this tip somewhere online and it has really saved my curls. It’s so important to keep your hair moisturized, and conditioner does just that. So, I wet my hair, apply a dollop of conditioner, rinse it out and finish up my shower.

Once I hop out, I avoid putting my hair up in a towel. Doing this damages your hair and it disrupts your curls. Instead, I shake out my hair like a dog and then I just let it be. If I want really defined curls, I’ll scrunch my hair while it’s air drying.

And that’s literally it.

So easy right? I don’t apply any fancy creams or mousses, I never apply heat and my shampoo and conditioner are Pantene (aka cheap). You don’t need a fancy routine to make your curls look great, they just need moisture and a little help!