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Dont Let Mondays Ruin Your Sundays!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Miami (OH) chapter.
So many Sundays I have found myself swamped by work and not able to get to bed early all because I used to slack off. Recently, I have found that doing a little work after classes on Fridays and waking up a little earlier on Saturdays have made my Sundays entirely less hectic.
I know everyone enjoys sleeping in on Saturdays, and when you’ve been stressfully busy during the week, who wouldn’t? I love getting my beauty rest, but there really is something wonderful about getting up early on Saturdays, making myself some coffee and crossing out things on my to-do list. If you want to enjoy your Sunday evenings and create a strong start to your week, follow this guide and you’ll never hate another Monday:
1. Always think of something that could put you just a little bit farther ahead
If you’re waiting around for dinner on Friday night with your friends, and you’ve got an extra hour to do nothing, why not start outlining that essay that’s due next week? As long as you’ve checked off one task, that’s one less task you have to complete! 
2. My mantra is NO work on Sundays
Sundays to me are for relaxing, lounging, sweatpants and lots of snacking (in moderation!). My friends and I watch movies all day long, and we usually take naps, too. I don’t work out on Sundays because I’ve worked so hard during the week to enjoy this off day, and I literally spend it resting! When Monday rolls back around, I’m well-rested and ready to begin another week. 
3. If you’re blue, think of what you’ll get to do
If you’re seriously stuck in a rut during the week, make a little note to yourself about fun things you’ll be doing during the weekend. Make a countdown of your weekend trip, your dinner date or your Sunday lazy day! Thinking about all of the fun you will be having can make the long week seem a little more durable, and remember, summer is right around the corner!
Being bombarded by schoolwork, social lives, and personal lives can be so redundant week in, and week out. By managing your time efficiently, you can ensure a much more bearable school week. Once the weather the starts warming up, you can begin doing some of your work outside and that will also brighten up your week!