Do It Yourself: 3 Fashionable Eyeliner Styles

It is easy to set into a makeup routine and repeat it everyday. New makeup tricks can be risky, but switching it up can rejuvenate your style and help make a well-rounded look! Eyeliner is an important aspect of any look; it can take you from a natural look to one with drama. Different shades and shapes of eyes can also determine how to wear eyeliner. Here are a few techniques to make sure you are suiting your eyes in a true-to-you and fashionable way:

To tightline, use a water resistant liner (it can be liquid, pencil, or brush). Pull your eyelid up so as to see the inner area of your eyelash roots. Using the liner, fill in the gaps between lashes, effectively giving the look of fuller and darker lashes without even using mascara!
Smoky Eye
The classic smoky eye is easily achieved with a black liner pencil and flat angle brush. Apply the liner from the inner corner of your upper lid all the way to the end, or farther for even more drama. Repeat this on the lower lid, connecting the line in the inner corner of your eye. Smudge the lines on top and bottom until you have as smoky a look as you want.
For this look, you can go from subtle to Amy Winehouse-style. Use your liner from the inner to the outer corners of your upper lid. Draw the wing at a 45-degree angle from the outer corner of your eye. Experts draw the wing with eye shadow first, so it can easily be erased if necessary, and then trace with liner. Make sure you are being true to your eye and face when drawing your wing, so you don’t end up looking like Black Swan.