Did You Know That You Have a Free Subscription to the New York Times

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Are you a student studying at Miami? Are you a faculty member at Miami? Are you currently on campus? Well, good news! If you answered yes to any of those questions you are eligible for a free subscription to the New York Times.

Miami University offers a unique opportunity for students and faculty through their free digital access to The New York Times. The New York Times is an incredible source to stay up to date on all issues and news going on in the world. Think about all the times in one of your classes, whether it be your major or an elective, that you had to bring in a current event or write a paper analyzing something in the news. Through this free subscription to The New York Times, you are presented with unlimited access to hard-hitting and iconic journalism. These journalists are some of the world's most qualified and hard-working reporters who provide you with topics covering style, politics, culture, science, opinion, news, videos, VR, and podcasts.

Through this free access, you can take all of the things you learn and use for classroom work to spark debate with students and colleagues. It is so important to always be learning from those around you and creating genuine conversation while taking in both sides of an argument. The New York Times gives you this access and the ability to talk to those around you to make you a well-informed citizen. 

While the New York Times is an incredible source for learning and the classroom, it is also for personal use. There is a style section, pop culture news, book reviews, smarter living guides, health and wellness, and food section. The Daily is a 20-minute podcast, five days a week that is perfect to listen to while walking to class. The Well section is an amazing resource that gives tips during tough study periods and flu season.  

So how do you sign up? Use this link: nytimes.com/miamioh and fill out the necessary components. It's super easy and quick, however, you do have to be connected to Miami's WiFi in order to access it. By signing up for The New York Times' Free college subscription you are giving yourself the necessary tools to become a well-informed citizen and help change the world.