College Summed up by Lady Gaga Gifs

Lady Gaga is an iconic queen, but she is also a relatable meme, which makes us love her even more. You can pretty much relate a lot of what she does to anything in your life because she is so multifaceted. However, I found that she perfectly describes my many moods while being in college. Here are some gifs that perfectly sum up the feeling of being at Miami. 

1. When a random guy at the bar starts hitting on you and your friends come to your protection 

 2. When the person before you finishes their presentation and now it's your turn

2. Coming home after a long night at the bars and trying to take off your makeup 

3. Country Night at Brick 

4. When the class discussion turns political and you start learning where your classmates stand  5. Going to the bathroom at a bar and instantly becoming best friends with every girl standing in line  

6. Jumping to conclusions after you email your group about a project and they don't immediately respond 

7. Walking to class and pretending you're in a music video

8. When the professor announces the highest grade and its the grade you got