Chill Spring Break Ideas

Despite my best intentions, when I think of spring break, my mind automatically jumps to James Franco with a head full of cornrows and a mouth full of gold saying “spraaaaang break forever,” or girls in too-small bikinis drunk off their asses parading around beaches doing the beer-bong. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with wanting to have a wild spring break like the trips depicted in movies and on MTV, those types of vacations will never ever EVER live up to those crazy stories. Personally, I’m over the idea that in order to have a fun spring break you have to go completely “Girls Gone Wild” style and tear up Fort Lauderdale. I want to relax with my closest friends and make some memories that we will actually remember. If you feel similarly, here’s a list of spring break ideas that don’t involve joining a drug cartel.



1. Epic Road Trip


Everyone sleeps on the awesome cities in the Midwest. We have Nashville, Memphis, Atlanta, and New Orleans all within driving distance. Instead of picking one destination, pick a bunch and make it into a road trip. This way you can get a little taste of a bunch of different places in one trip! Hit Nashville for some awesome country music, Memphis for a little barbecue, explore Atlanta while eating a fresh peach and finish out the week in New Orleans on Bourbon Street.



2. Hiking


For a completely different spring break trip, get outdoors and see what nature has to offer! For a more local destination, you could go to Hocking Hills. Rent out a big cabin with your friends and explore during the day. At night, you can chill in the hot tub and just relax in the woods! If you’re itching to get out of Ohio for some real adventure, Arizona has some of the most beautiful scenery on Earth. You can even hit up the Grand Canyon on this trip!



3. Big City Trip


After midterms, there’s really only one thing that can make me feel better: shopping. Go on the biggest shopping spree ever and go to New York City for spring break. If spending all your money on clothes doesn’t sound all that appealing, you can take in the culture of the city. Go to museums and broadway shows instead!



4. Ski Trip


If you can stand to be in the cold for spring break, taking a ski trip is a great chance to try something new. Hit the slopes (or the bunny hill!) during the day and cuddle up with your friends and some hot cocoa at night. If going out west isn’t in the budget, there are ski resorts in Michigan, Pennsylvania and even here in Ohio.



5. Chill Beach Vacation


The temptation to go to the beach is almost irresistible in mid-March. The only drawbacks are the masses of college kids turning the beach into a nightclub during the day. So, if you absolutely need to go to the beach for spring break, check out Marco Island for a more laid back beach trip.