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Campus Cutie: Rhonda Baldwin

When most people hear about a Media and Culture major they immediately relate that to journalism or broadcasting and they are perfectly right. Miss Rhonda Baldwin has not only worked hard on becoming involved in media related clubs and organizations on Miami Universities campus. After getting the chance to sit down and talk with the future media journalist, I got to get to know a hard working, humble, and dedicated young woman that she is. 


Her Campus: Where are you from?

RB: Cincinnati, Ohio


Her Campus: What are you involved in on campus?

RB: Vice-president, Co-Editor-In-Chief of The Crucible Magazine, and Member of The Multicultural Business Association.


Her Campus: What is your ideal date?

RB: My ideal date would be doing something chill and doing something fun that we both enjoy, I would love to catch a horror movie (I like scary movies), and maybe afterwards grab something to eat and go laser tagging to bring out our inner "big kid"!


Her Campus: What is your favorite movie?

RB: Brown Sugar with Sanna Lathan and Tay Diggs, I am a huge fan of 90's hip-hop and R&B and this movies is a perfect combination of how two old friends fall in love through their common interest in hip-hip...so perfect!!!


Her Campus: Who is your celebrity crush?

RB: Most definitely Omari Hardrick


Her Campus: Any interesting facts about yourself?

RB: I know almost every hip-hop, r&b song from the 90's.  I’m obsessed with 90's black nostalgia, I can recite every word from every episode of the 90's hit TV show Martin!

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