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Campus Cutie House Edition: In Vino Veritas ’16

If you’re looking for some unreal ladies to hang with that enjoy going out equally as much as lounging on the couch, come on down to 200 East Vine Street where you’ll find some junior Delta Gamma cuties waiting with open arms.

House Name: In Vino Veritas (translation: In Wine We Trust)

Meet the girls!Emily Anderson (“Anderson”): Supply Chain Management, active Miami University dance team memberIsabela Sagarra (“Bela”): Strategic CommunicationsSarah Buop (“Buop”): Strategic CommunicationRachel McVicker (“McVicker”): Marketing, President of Delta GammaSara Beth Collins (“SBC”): Strategic Communications, currently studying abroad in LuxembourgMaddy Glaeser: Strategic Communications

HC: Where can we find you ladies at midnight on a Friday?IVV: Basically everyone would be at Brick and Anderson would be Pachinko’s

HC: Favorite T.V. show to watch as a house?IVV: Family Feud or My 600 pound life

HC: Favorite drive-thru?IVV: Wendy’s

HC: Favorite house memory?IVV: When we rotted on the couch for 12 plus hours only to get up to put on a different movie

HC: Favorite house pregame jam?IVV: Follow the Leader by Soca Boys

HC: Who is the mom of the house?IVV: Anderson does the mom duties (cleaning, cooking, etc.), but we call Rachel mom

HC: Who is the messiest?IVV: LOL Rachel, sorry

HC: Whose closet does everyone borrow clothes from?IVV: Anderson

HC: Favorite place to eat uptown?IVV: Chipotle fa sho

HC: Who are the night owls in the house?IVV: Rachel, Bela, Buop, and SBC

HC: And the early birds? IVV: Glaeser, and then Anderson just sleeps a lot

HC: House Dad?IVV: John Doherty (Anderson’s boyfriend)

House Superlatives:Bela: Most likely to get deportedAnderson: Most likely to be found eating Will’s pizza at 2amMcVicker: Most likely to become a sorority advisorGlaeser: Most likely to be on a reality T.V. showSBC: Most likely to be the next Carrie Bradshaw Buop: Most likely to take a tumble on the streets of Oxford


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