Break Out of Wearing All Black

While wearing all back is definitely a look, I started to feel bland as I wore all black all too much. What I started to do when I shop, is to look for colors my closet doesn't have and restrain myself from purchasing another black top or pair of jeans. Now when I look at my closet, I don’t just see black and other dark colors. I love picking out outfits and now I want to show them off. This variety, unexpectedly, boosts my excitement to go out and the overall mood for the day. 


Above is an all back outfit pictured next to a more colorful outfit.


Links to Pieces of The Right Outfit


A simple way to add color to your look can be through your jacket. A colorful or bold jacket can be the basis of your whole look. Another method of adding color to an outfit can be through shoes. Cheetah booties are especially popular right now but you could also rock a printed sneaker or other color booties. Scarves and belts are also easy ways to add color. Scarves are an especially easy way to add a pop color to your look since they can be quickly thrown on and off. 


Pictured above, a dash of yellow added through the jacket.

Shopping Links to Great Color Pieces