Best Accessories to Keep You Warm Walking to Class

As the weather gets colder, walking to class becomes harder and harder. Your hands start to get red and dry, you can't feel your feet by the time you get to class, and don't even think about going out with your hair up because your ears will be frozen. So to alleviate the pain that comes with walking to class here are some cute and affordable accessories that will be sure to keep you warm!

1. Hats:

Urban Outfitters Beanie: $12

Hollister Cable Pom Beanie: $14.97


2. Scarves 

Aerie Cozy Scarf: $14.97

Forever 21 Plaid Scarf: $14.90


3. Gloves

Forever 21 Ribbed Knit Gloves: $9.90

Urban Outfitters Gloves: $12


4. Socks

Target Fuzzy Socks: $5

Amazon Winter Socks: $5.37