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Beach Vacation Must Haves

With summer break right around the corner, it is beach vacation season. To make sure your trip is tons of fun and relaxing, make sure to throw these essentials into your suitcase!

1. Hair products

After spending the day at the beach, your hair will be dry from the sun and salt water. Throw a bottle of moisturizing detangling spray to try and reduce some of that damage. You can also include a sea salt spray, so you can wear your beachy waves out to dinner that night.

2. Books and Magazines

When you’re sitting at the beach all day, you have plenty of time to read that book you’ve been meaning to pick up or look through a stack of magazines. It is one of the best activities to do on the beach.

3. Sand toys

I am a firm believer in the idea that you are never too old to make a sand castle. Pick up a few buckets and shovels at the drug store, and you and your friends can have a sand castle making contest.

4. Boogie Board

Make sure you grab your boogie board before heading into the ocean! They’re great for people who don’t know how to surf (like me), and my friends and I love to try and catch some waves with them.

5. Camera

You are going to want to have pictures of you and your friends playing in the waves and hanging out on the beach, so throw your camera into your beach bag. You’ll be able to have a fun photoshoot, and you will have memories from your awesome trip.

Hannah is a freshman at Miami University, where she is majoring in journalism. She has a puggle, named Bailey, loves tennis, and is a huge Survivor fan. Follow her on Instagram @hmbanas99
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