AWE-Inspiring Entrepreneurs at Miami University

Back in Summer 2018, entrepreneurship professor Beth Troy gathered a team of “ambitious students together to take on the challenge of launching Advancing Women in Entrepreneurship (AWE) at Miami University.” Though it is a more recent addition to campus, Abby Lokai claims that “it is one of the fastest-growing organizations on campus.” AWE members live by the mission that just “because women can do it alone, they shouldn’t have to.” Like Her Campus Media, they make it their mission to uplift women and “to be radiant, pioneering, smart, and brave in their everyday lives.” 


On October 23, AWE will host their third pop-up shop event in the Armstrong East Atrium dedicated in honor of Women Entrepreneurship Week. If you’d like, you and friends can support several entrepreneurial women, including current and former Miami students. 


Kelsey Haver is a current student and graphic designer/lettering artist who can help brand your business. She also sells stickers, prints, t-shirts and stationery with her designs and lettering on them. She is so excited for the AWE pop-up shop this year. She says “everyone in the organization is so supportive of all of my projects.”


Then, there is Kate Stafani the owner of Blush & Bubbly in Cincinnati. She graduated from Miami in 2018 and began to work at a local software company. Then, she decided to create a fashion boutique and flower bar. If you check out the Blush & Bubbly store, be sure to get some beautiful flowers to “add a pop of happiness to any room” (dorm or otherwise). In the meantime, you can visit her at the AWE pop-up shop and ask Kate what it was like to run a summer camp with her best friend for 10 summers! 


While I was only able to chat with two of the entrepreneurs at the upcoming pop-up shop, there are several other women. Join the fun in Armstrong and you can visit:


Cuffed by Nano

Scrunched by Tay

Kelsey Haver Designs

Elise Walker Pies

Blush & Bubbly 

Cedar Hill Flower Farm