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Author of Amazon Best Seller to Speak at Women’s Empowerment Event on Campus

Emotional intelligence is a special gift that women can provide in the competitive business world.

So says Los Angeles-based author Tami Holzman, who will soon be present as a guest speaker at a women’s empowerment event on Miami University’s campus.


A “feMANist” associate inspired Holzman to write her first book, From C-Student to the C-Suite, about using heart and humor to win over others in business. It ranked among the top 1% of Amazon sales just three days after launch. She often analyzed how an average student like herself was able to climb up the ladder. After reading a Forbes article comparing EQ vs. IQ, Holzman realized that her success came from unique EQ skills. “85% of getting the business is due to emotional intelligence, not logic,” Holzman said.


If you need inspiration or want to learn more about a prominent movement that is undoubtedly growing, Tami Holzman encourages you to “seek your pack” by making an appearance at a Wonder Woman themed program on April 18th from 7:00-10:30 pm at Armstrong Student Center Wilks Theater. Miami University Hillel (Association of Jewish Students) is partnering with the Women’s Center, MAP, Office of Student Activities and others to host a powerful gathering.


As a part of Hillel’s Israel Independence celebrations, this function focuses on modern women’s empowerment movements in Israel and the United States. A panel consisting of three female leaders from diverse backgrounds, Holzman included, are going to kick off the program by sharing their success stories and individual advice on how to achieve prosperity. “Innovation Africa” member Genna Brand and a Miami University Israel fellow are also guest speakers.


Holzman said that advocating for women’s empowerment on college campuses is crucial. “In the U.S., we are at a record high of 8 percent female CEOs, and women are 51 percent of the population. Eight percent is a depressing number, don’t you agree? We need to to do our best to encourage girls on college campuses that they can do anything, they are our future, and that college girls have the opportunity to to represent equality in the workplace and politics,” she said.


Holzman once wanted to switch departments to film distribution at a movie studio. A male executive told Holzman that she should stick to public relations because that is what girls are good at in the film business; she said he was intimidated by the thought of a woman taking his place. “Use the discrimination moments to give you strength,” Holzman said. She went on to be a talent manager, television show creator and executive producer.


The Los Angeles native possesses multiple jobs including advisor, entrepreneur, brand ambassador, and motivational speaker. Since childhood, Holzman has been passionate about helping women thrive in the business world through promoting potential opportunities and spreading kindness.


Today, she exclusively advises female-funded companies. Close girlfriends provided strength while her CEO mother and vice president step-mother were mentors and role models. “Supporting women is the gift that keeps on giving,” Holzman said.


The event is scheduled to close with a screening of the movie “Wonder Woman” after the reception and panel. Additional information pertaining to female led organizations in American and Israel society will be provided outside the venue. “It is our sacred duty to defend the world,” as Wonder Woman would say.

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