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Armstrong Student Center A Success

This January, Miami waved goodbye to the old and said hello to the new. The Armstrong Student Center was one of the many renovations seen around Miami’s campus this year. The beautiful student center features a food court, private study areas, a new theater, offices for student organizations, and multiple places to explore (as my friends and I discovered while walking through last week). 
My friends and I were the lucky ones, since we got our own little tour to see what everything was like before all the features were completely finished. For one thing, check out the new theater if you get the chance: it’s HUGE! I’m assuming it will be used for hosting guest speakers and similar events. It’s one of the biggest theaters I’ve seen at Miami. And of course, no new building would be complete without a place to eat. There isn’t just one place to choose from in Armstrong; there are all sorts of options from Mexican, to diner food, to a Panera-style restaurant. Lines for the new eateries have been everything but short. I once waited in a line that practically zig-zagged across the new building just to get a burrito bowl. Students have mentioned the wait for their food to be a bit longer than they were expecting, but a grand opening means an adjustment period for everyone to get into the swing of things. 
The building also includes new offices for student organizations, like our very own Her Campus! Students now have a place to hold meetings and work on various projects related to their organization. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to have a set place to meet up with my fellow HC members to discuss upcoming events and campus initiatives. 
For those of you that haven’t had the chance to check out our new student center, I would definitely make a point to do it! You won’t be sorry you did, especially considering there’s a 50’s style diner open late night.
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