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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Miami (OH) chapter.
Miami University has long been recognized for its trendy, name brand-wearing students.
When people think of Miami, sometimes they attribute the trends that we rep, but what does that really say about us? Are we fashion forward students for wearing popular brands such as Sperry Top-Sider, Patagonia, and Longchamp? Look across campus on any given day, and see how many of these labels you can spot. You’d be surprised! 
For the collegiette who doesn’t like wearing rainboots or sandals, Sperry’s are very convenient and should be your go-to shoes. For guys, slipping on a button up shirt, khaki shorts, and Sperry’s is the usual Uptown outfit. These shoes are nice for convenience, and they’re comfortable. But again, how many people actually own these? Sperry’s are practical, but they’re not everything. I’d say for now, Sperry’s are sorta, kinda “in” still, but maybe they won’t last forever. 
I always love seeing Miami guys wearing their awesomely patterned Patagonia fleeces all around Oxford. There are so many different colors, so at least this trend comes with some variation! The North Face fleece trend has died down a little bit, being replaced by Patagonia. This brand is popular, and you’d probably wear the life out of your sweater if you bought one. I think the Patagonia brand is practical, but if you’re willing to drop some big bucks on a fleece, you better love it! 
One of the biggest struggles for girls is trying to decide what type of bag she will carry. The options are limitless. Longchamps today at Miami are still very popular. Recently, I’ve seen Tory Burch bags, as well as the canvas bookbags and the crowd-pleasing tribal print. Longchamps are practical for when you don’t have a day full of classes. I carried one and found that it was often painful to tote an entire school day’s worth of items on one shoulder. Longchamps are definitely classic and chic, but I believe other bags will soon begin to take over Miami. 
Like all fads, some will stay and some will go, and our beloved Miami has many trends that are bound to eventually phase out. My best advice is to buy something you can use for awhile, but remember quality trumps quantity, so make sure to splurge every now and then! You never know the next trend you could start!