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7 Ways to Wear a Bomber Jacket This Fall

You know that weird in between of weather when it’s brisk enough walking to class in the morning that just a sweater won’t cut it, but it really isn’t cold enough to break out the parka quite yet. Yup, that’s what we call bomber jacket season. Break out that ultra-edgy jacket that comes in various styles and you are set for a full day of walking to and from class-no matter what the temperature!


Check out these 7 ways to sport your very own bomber jacket!


1.     Paired with ripped black jeans

This look works great for Saturday day parties and oh, wait, look at the time…it appears that you won’t be headed home any time soon!


2.  Over an untucked shirt

Want to look edgy and disheveled in the best way possible? Of course you do, try this bad boy on for size. 

3.  Over a sweater dress

This is a great way to add a little something extra to your basic sweater dress. Toss on some booties to complete the look. 


4.  Paired with a patterned skirt

This look can be super professional. For those of you about to enter the real world; it would work great for post-work happy hour!


5.  Over a button up

Looking for a casual look to wear to class? Try tossing on your jacket over a preppy button up.

6.  Over a graphic tee

This really proves that the bomber jacket can work with anything! You’ll be the chic-est gal in the grocery store

7.  Dress it up

Alright, so there’s just some nights when it’s just way too chilly to leave the house with bare arms. You’re not willing to change out of your smoke-show of a dress…this is where your bomber jacket comes in handy!

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