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7 Ways to Rock the Skater Skirt This Winter

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Miami (OH) chapter.
For many of us, the holidays are the best time of year. Everyone loves the fun holiday cheer and festivities, and better yet – all the parties where we can dress up!  This year, the skater skirt has risen and taken charge of the holiday trends. 
Here are the seven best ways you can rock your skater skirt this year:
1. A girl can never have too much leather
In her article last week, Elise Kogelnik explained why leather is hot right now, and how we can utilize all of the leather we were too afraid to wear before. Try pairing a leather biker jacket with your skater skirt. The jacket will give the skirt that edgier look, while still being slightly feminine, too. If you don’t have a leather jacket, try wearing a leather skirt instead! Kerry Washington pulled this move off brilliantly; Of course, she’s basically perfect anyways, but you get the point. 
2. Crop your tops
Skater skirts come up high enough on your waist so if you were to wear a crop top with one you wouldn’t look too revealing. The crop top could definitely dress down your skater skirt if you just wanted to head to a party at school before break commences. 
3. Tights, tights, tights
Many stores sell great tights right now. Pick out your favorite colored tights, throw on some heeled booties, and you will look like a trendsetter from miles away. Tights are a nice addition to your skirt because then you won’t have to worry about doing so much with the rest of your outfit…the tights will be your main attraction. 
4. Enjoy sweater weather the right way
I’ve seen some pretty awesome sweaters in stores and online lately; You can choose all sorts of designs and graphics from funny sayings, to cats, or to even polka dot sweaters. Sweaters + skater skirts= perfection for holiday parties! If you are headed to any ugly sweater parties, this will definitely be your go-to outfit. You’ll be warm and looking stylish! 
5. Accessories on accessories
Skater skirts come in just about every color imaginable. Find the one you want, and pair it with a simple button-up/collared top. Then, lay on the accessories! Stacking bracelets and watches is totally appropriate, and layering necklaces can work, also. If you’re going to a family party, try a simpler look and wear one (but noticeable) piece of jewelry. If your piece has bling, well, that wouldn’t hurt either. 
6. A little pattern never hurt “nobody” 
Instead of the focus of your outfit being on the top, try to center that focus on the bottom. Everything else that you utilize in your outfit can be less dramatic. Patterns can stand-alone and be the defining piece of your ensemble. For the holiday season, you never know what kind of fabulous patterns you could find!
7. Let’s get some shoes
Shoes will always remain loyal to girls across the globe.  Since skater skirts are so versatile, you can mix up your look for any occasion. Try a funky wedge if you’re going out with friends, or if you want to look more casual, wear a band tee with your skirt and your favorite pair of Converse. If you’re celebrating at a holiday party, try booties with bows on them! 
Being a girl can be difficult, trying to keep up with all the trends. If you start with a basic and versatile piece, the rest will fall into place. Skater skirts can be pretty inexpensive, so stock up and add them to your already-fabulous wardrobe!