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7 Tyra Banks Gifs for Every End-Of-The-Semester Mood

Tyra Banks is a queen. Not only is she absolutely stunning, but she is a business mogul, an inspiration for young girls and created the greatest show of all time. If there’s anything we can take from Tyra’s catchphrase “you wanna be on top?” it’s that yes, I definitely want to come out of this semester a winner.

Here are some classic Tyra moments that embody every moment of those end-of-the-semester feels:

1. When your professor assigns a final paper and stills gives an exam.


2. When your parents call to ask how your grades are looking.


3. When you ask your professor for extra credit.


4. When you barely studied and still somehow get a B+ on your exam.


5. When you ask your other professor for extra credit.


6. When you get home after a terrible exam and look in the mirror.


7. When you finally finish all your assignments!!!!

Mallory Hackett

Miami (OH) '20

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