6 Ways to Enjoy a Snowday

It’s that time of year where winter is here and unpredictable,and everyone’s praying for a snow day. Here are six ways to make sure you’re not bored if your prayers are answered.


1. Movie Marathon

Gather up bunch of your favorite movies – pick a theme if you want to get creative – and invite the whole dorm for a party in the common area. Pop some popcorn and fix some assorted snacks and settle in!



2. Get Cooking

Can’t stand the cold? Get in the kitchen! Look up some recipes online and cook whatever you can with the ingredients you have on hand. Get dorm mates or housemates involved and pool your ingredients. 


(the first one)


3. Go Out and Play

If the weather is not too terrible and you’re willing to brave it, go outside and build a snowman. You could even have a snowball fight with friends!



4. Do Some Spring Cleaning

It’s not the most fun option, but it needs to be done. You probably have all kinds of stuff lying around that you could stand to get rid of, not to mention things you’ve lost or forgotyou had. Get dorm mates and housemates involved and trade the things you’ve tired of, or give them to Goodwill.



5. Spa Day

No doubt you’ve been stressed out about school, work, and life in general. Light some candles, pour a hot bubble bath, put on a facial, do your nails, and relax. You deserve it.



6. Just Chill

Curl up, heat up some hot cocoa, and watch some cat videos.